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Misery Likes Company

Misery Likes Company / Chloe Young

I just wanted her to realizeThat she was not a good personThe years rolled on
And with each ticking day her soul rotted
Liquid amber slid down her throat
Drowning the sorrows, she couldn’t give to someone else
Her head spun with the anger she held
Her troubles would consume her soon
Everyone could see it
Yet people still flocked to her
Like crows to a corpse
They drank her bitter liesAnd admired her every move
Never seeing below the surface
Taking her malicious words to heart
Eating every complaint and deceit like candy
It’s as if they didn’t want to see her with this mask off
They enjoyed this blissful ignorance toward her true self
But not her or anyone else would see
That she was not a good person
Except for me
I sat on the sidelines
Watching them drink her bitter lies
While she drank her liquid amber
And I waited
Because patience is a virtue
Her spell would wear off
And one day they would see
what I have hated for so long
And then we’d bask in the light
Free from her anger
Because misery likes company
But company doesn’t so like misery

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