A big cheer for volunteers

Volunteers make the world go around!

That couldn’t be truer than it is for the Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society, where everything from Music in the Park to The Rainforest Arts gallery is run by volunteers.

“Our volunteers contribute thousands of hours each year, bringing the arts to the communities of Chemainus and Crofton, so it’s important we give them a big cheer during Volunteer Week,” said CVCAS Chair Bev Knight.

Volunteer Week runs April 18 to 24, but if the CVCAS Board has its way, the celebration will be ongoing. The Board will be considering a volunteer strategy at an upcoming meeting with a view to encouraging more people to get involved.

Between now and then a survey will be conducted to determine what motivates people to donate time and energy to community Arts & Culture, and how the CVCAS can entice more people to contribute.

As well, an internal dialogue will be conducted to see what types of volunteers are needed, and what kinds of contributed skills will help the CVCAS achieve its mission of bringing communities together through the arts.

“We’re looking to expand our events and programs over the next decade, but to do that, we need to get more volunteers involved,” Knight said. “So we’ll be actively looking for people interested in supporting the arts.”

If you have ideas about how best to attract community volunteers, be sure go to and click the homepage link that will take you to our short survey. Your ideas will help us develop a successful volunteer program.


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