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Pride / Hannah Large

Across a room they stare,
Their gazes lovesick and pained,
Clouded with ignominy,
A love restrained
Two best friends;
 A duo only designed for
Pillow fights and promises
 And certainly nothing more
In years prior
This may have been true,
The ever changing world has altered their view
But worry and caution are wrapped
Around them tight,
Delaying their understanding of wrong from right
To appease the closed minded,
And to fill their yearning hearts,
They venture into chained romance
Just a world apart
A compliment here and there,
A glance across the room,
A caress of hands while passing by;
A budding passion blooms
A love kept captive,
Out of sight,
Unseen and hushed,
Disguised by fright
They await the day
When their worries will subside
Out of the way,
The day their their lips will finally touch
And they’ll wonder why they ever

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