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I Am From / Lotte Pabst

I am from cute ponytail and striped hair band

From early morning birthday breakfasts with Nutella flowers and mule cakes

I am from the Cologne cathedral, river Rhein and cable car 

I am from daisy hair wreaths and competitive Easter egg hunting competitions with my siblings 

I’m from long car rides with not functioning air conditioning which only moms snack bar could save 

From summer vacations in South- Tirol with hour- long hikes and refreshing Almdudler at the lodge while watching the Olympics 

From changing in the garage after horseback riding and going straight under the shower because my dad was highly allergic 

I’m from Carnival,  10-kilometre parades in creative costumes with my friends and way too much candy 

From making, whenever I saw a dandelion, the wish that my stupid flute lesson got canceled because I couldn’t stand my teacher

I’m from long days at the barn, riding every possible minute, and cuddling my loved ones, the horses 

I’m from “Und was siehst du noch“ moments with my dad and brother while watching out the window at night

From Federico’s stracciatella ice cream, Claudia’s pumpkin soup, and the French fries from Shalan  

I am from Sunday baking sessions with my brother without a recipe which not rarely ended in a big disaster and tears of laughter in our eyes 

From the obsession with “Kinder aus Bullerbüh “ and “Bibi and Tina”

From braces and wisdom tooth surgery and millions of orthodontists appointments, where the only good thing the treasure chest with little toys was

I am from fights with my siblings about who is allowed to sit in the front in the car

And  who’s chocolate croissant was bigger 

From mixing flowers, plants, and water in the backyard in a big pot with my best friend and pretending it to be witch soup 

I am from a family who has always supported me and I am so grateful for 

From never giving up and standing up for myself even when it was hard 

I am from hopes and dreams 

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