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Brandon Isaak

Brandon Isaak at the bandshell in Water Wheel Park, Chemainus, B.C., August 14, 2021

This guy lives and breathes the blues. Brandon Isaak is an authentic, heart felt roots and blues songster who always delivers the goods. Be it as his one-man band, his dynamic duo, his hard-hitting trio or even his five piece Saints of Swing all-star group. You always get 100% of this artist.

He was born in Whitehorse, Yukon to a family who has always been in the music business. Young Isaak grew up in a bluesy, artistic and musical atmosphere which shaped his identity and future profession. He backed up many blues masters who would take up a three week residency in his family’s clubs. This is where he learned his chops and cut his teeth and began the journey to the gritty, soulful player he is today.

Brandon is an award winning musician with a passion and a thirst for the history of music and origins of the blues, and it shows in his live shows. He is an entertainer as well as a gifted musician. “Entertaining an audience and making a connection with them is as important as great music and lyrics,” he believes.

His latest brand new record was released in July 2021, and will be featured as Brandon gets ready for a busy year of touring and promoting his music.


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