Our members make us who we are

As a volunteer run organization, the Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society is what its members make it. The board – all of whom are members, of course – plans events and programs on behalf of members, and is always looking for ways to connect with members. If you are renewing, thank you! If you are becoming a member, welcome! If you have any questions about the CVCAS, or require more information, please contact our Membership Committee

Benefits of membership

The main membership benefit is having a channel through which you can support the arts in your community. As a member you are helping bring live music to venues like the Waterwheel Park bandshell in Chemainus and the Crofton Jazz series at the Osborne Bay Pub. You are also supporting the visual arts at the Rainforest Arts gallery. Your memberhip contributions help us put together eNewsletters, and maintain an event calendar. In short, your membership is making the Chemainus Valley a better place to live by bringing its communities together through the arts. 


The CVCAS depends on volunteers to run its events and programs. When you fill out the membership form below, please consider offering your skills and talents. An hour or two, spent in the company of other volunteers, or working on a project that will broaden the capabilities or mandate of the CVCAS makes all the difference.

Why should we make that investment of time, talent and energy? What’s so important about the arts? Sir Peter Bazalgette, then chair of the Arts Counci of England said in 2014:  “…they don’t only matter to the economy, they critically represent an investment in our quality of life. I call that a virtuous circle – something which is, by definition, holistic.”

The arts in all their diverse disciplines and genres explore and express what it means to be fully human… that is, what it means to celebrate and question our selves.

Cost of membership

Individual – $25.00 – Open to all artists/performers/musicians and supporters of the arts community, one vote.

Volunteer – $10.00 – Volunteer for at least three of our events and receive special pricing, one vote.

Associate – $35.00 – Open to any Arts and cultural groups who wish to be part of CVCAS, one vote.

Family – $35.00 – 2 adults, 2 children, one vote.

Business – $45.00 – Become an advisor, participant, sponsor of our events, one vote.

Patron – $150.00 – Special recognition to generous supporters of the arts, one vote.

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