Even in the most trying circumstances, there’s room for positive action, and the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. The Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society invites artists to ReachOut! to our community by filling in the form below. And if you’re looking for some tips on how to ReachOut!, check out Presenting You! for a few ideas on how to gather images and audio that will tell your story.

Art has aways been about reaching out and sharing: dance, music, poetry, painting, theatre, sculpture, every art form is about sharing human inspiration. And the more barriers there are to that urge, the more innovative artists become, getting round, or over, or through them.

So the Chemainus Valley Cultural Arts Society is calling on artists in all disciplines to share their inspiration with fellow citizens. In fact, we’re reaching out to anyone, of any age, or any skill level, who wants to express an uplifting, or thought inspiring sentiment.

We invite you to let us know how and what you want to share. Social-distancing protocols always have to be adhered to, but we can look for ways that don’t increase the risk of infection. Let’s keep in touch without touching by producing and posting messages artistically via the internet.