This is a place where writers and poets can not only hope to have their works published, they can also be supported in that hope.

There’s two sides to the literary coin:

  • Heads, authors and poets are inspired. They can’t not write, and the process of imagining, researching, writing and rewriting their stories, scripts and verses is simply what they do.
  • Tails – or perhaps tales in this instance – their works live in the imaginations of readers and listeners. Books that are not being read, or remembered, are blocks of paper or bits of code just waiting to be brought to life in the minds of audiences.

Valley Voices and the CVCAS Writers’ Forum want authors to win, no matter which side of that coin they’re looking at, by establishing programs that bring writers, audiences and mentors together.

We welcome submissions, but this is not a contest; it’s a place where we hope to honour stories in the telling and sharing. So please, use the form below to tell us a little about yourself and what you write, then submit your story (or questions) by email to literature@cvcas.ca!


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